Minor release

v2.38.0 - A couple of cool additions and Avo 3 Public Beta in a week

My team uses AVO and I must say it is very good and has helped us Build Faster and save time. This is a must-use by engineering teams worldwide. Awesome tool @adrianthedev
Edet Bassey
Edet Bassey
Product Manager, Equipe Technique
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Hey everyone 👋
This week brings a few changes:

🎸 Features

  • action turbo: false
  • make large dialogs scroll
  • add withbaresidebar to PanelComponent

🐛 Bug Fixes

  • warning instead raising error when can't find the inverse_of
  • action view set to new
  • respect inflection rules, humanize instead capitalize
  • don't render detach button when can't detach record

🤖 Maintenance

  • yarn audit fix

Short Ruby Newsletter published it's 53rd edition

It's crazy to think that Short Ruby Newsletter was born just last year. The growth is impressive. Just as impressive as the value it brings.

Avo 3 public beta

Yes! You heard that right! Next week the public beta for Avo 3 will be available for everyone to try out.

The new version comes with quite a few new features like dynamic filters, resource scopes, the new def fields API, the ability to hook in using plugins, new component override capabilites, and much, much, more.
The internals have been rebuilt and it's now leaner and cleaner.

While in the open beta phase, the annual prices will be discounted.

By popular request we are introducing a lifetime option for Avo 3. You will be able to purchase one license for one app and get updates forever. That's ideal for client work when you don't want to pass them a subscription.

We'll publsh more information as we get closer to the launch date.

That's it for today.
Thanks for being awesome!

Adrian and Paul
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Avo v3.1.0 released about 14 hours ago.